The Final Chicago Dog Stop: Gold Coast Dogs

19 Jan

According to their website, Gold Coast Dogs are the best hot dog in Chicago. That was from a contest ran by ABC 7 News…in 2003. Whether or not they are still Number 1 is up for what would be a heated debate, but I couldn’t pass up the chance to give them a try. After all, how could you pass up a dog at the airport just before your flight out of town?

As I write this two months after my trip, I am craving a Chicago Style Hot Dog and while Wiener Circle was my favorite dog that I tried, Gold Coast did not disappoint, even at Midway airport. They actually have 10 locations in Chicago, with 3 in O’Hare Airport as well.

Onto the star of the show dog – delicious Vienna beef dog, big time flavor. They are offered either steamed or char-grilled. I am a fan of steamed dogs when they are done up right, but when given the choice I could not in good conscience, pass on a char-grilled dog. The dogs are grilled until slightly blackened, which adds another tasty layer to the already outstanding flavor. The encased goodness sits inside of a fresh poppy seed roll, topped with crisp, colorful condiments. The server did go a little heavy on the celery salt, but with a line that was easily 20 deep, who can blame them? Employees churned out dogs to the starving crowd with quickness.

They may not update their website very often, but what they are good at is very tasty Chicago-Style Hot Dogs. Highly recommended as your immediate first stop once you touchdown in the Windy City.


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