Chicago Dog Stop #2: Wiener’s Circle

7 Jan

The cheese fries at Wiener’s Circle might be just as famous as their dogs. I didn’t want anything to taint my dog experience at the Circle, so I elected to go without fries. That was a mistake. They smelled and looked unbelievably good…fresh cut and salted right out of the fryer. Cheese fries are on the list for the next visit (there definitely will be a next visit), as is a burger, which I hear are also fantastic.

The place itself has a lot of character. There are stools for about 6-10 people inside and also some picnic tables outside as well. You just step right up to the counter and place your order to the trained professionals that are all business. And that business is serving up phenomenal food that will have you craving more almost immediately.

The dog was the best I had tasted in a very long time. It’s a well done char dog, which I am a big fan of. Steakhouses hate it, but I love well done meats and dogs are no different. All of the Chicago Style condiments are available. As a curveball, I tried grilled onions instead of raw on my Wiener’s Circle dog. Love that option and it was amazing. That sold me, this was the spot. I could see this being a potential excellent late-night snack stop as well.

The Wiener’s Circle was in the winners circle for me as far as Chicago Dogs go.


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