Superdawg Drive-In

15 Nov

My first Dog stop in Chicago was supposed to be at Doug’s Hot Dogs, but they were closed both days I was there (disappointing!). Plans needed to change ASAP, because I could not go a half day in Chi-town without getting to a dog place and finally trying my first Chicago style dog. Enter Superdawg Drive-in, who I have seen numerous times on TV, including the Food Network. Steeped in history, Superdawg was touted as a must visit for anyone in the Chicago area. We stopped by for a late night treat.

Superdawg is an old school drive-in, which adds to the charm. They have a simple menu that gets right to the point because it is all about the dogs. I got a Superdawg naturally, which is a solid all beef dog with golden mustard, tangy piccalilli, kosher dill pickle, chopped Spanish onions and a hot pepper. A bit more than I am used to having on my dog, and did I mention that it all came neatly packed in a nice little box over fries?

The dog itself was good size and tasty. The poppy seed roll could have been better and the toppings were solid, but uninspiring. Service was friendly and even at almost midnight, the parking lot was bumping. The fries were good and of the crinkle-cut variety, but the most memorable part of the experience was the milk shakes. Rich, creamy and delicious. Highly recommended to help wash down a dog!

So while Superdawg is definitely a recommended stop for tourists and dog lovers alike, it’s more for the atmosphere and the milk shakes than the dogs themselves.

Superdawg Drive-In – 6363 N. Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, IL and 333 S. Milwaukee Avenue, Wheeling, IL


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