Sunday Afternoon Dogs

28 Sep

It’s a Tuesday night, but I am already looking forward to Sundays. As summer winds down and we turn to football season, there is nothing like a hot dog or three on a Sunday afternoon. Whether you are at a tailgate or just relaxing, dogs are the perfect snack. A few Sundays ago, I spiced up my dogs with some of Tony Packo’s famous chili sauce on some of my Maple Leaf hot dogs (more on those in the future).

First, a little background: Tony Packo’s hot dogs are world famous. Founded in 1932 in Toledo, Ohio, they specialize in Hungarian food. They named their tasty dog the Hungarian hot dog, which became an instant local classic. After being mentioned on M*A*S*H in 1976, Packo’s started to gain nationwide fame. They were ultimately mentioned in 5 episodes of the hit show, even in the finale. Today, Packo products are available in 28 states.

Now, on to the good stuff – the meat: Well, when you open the can, the chili sauce bears a striking resemblance to dog food, which in a way it is. Don’t let the initial appearance of it deter you though, because the sauce itself is delicious. Not overly spicy or chunky, it was a perfect compliment to any hot dog. I am someone who does not like the taste of the dog to be overpowered by toppings. This sauce is a must try for any chili dog fan.


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